Thursday, March 7, 2019

Comparing Macbeth and Frankenstein Essay

Both Macbeth and Frankenstein be powerful, ambitious characters. However, they turn over very different ambitions and desires. Macbeths ambition is to construct king by committing murder whereas Frankensteins is to earn manner. For example I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and open up to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. -Victor Frankenstein, chapter 3 Frankenstein. Stars, hide your fires Let not light realize my black and deep desires. Macbeth, act 1 scene 4 Macbeth. Frankenstein wants to create something innovative and astonishing, something that he can be remembered for and something that will push the boundaries of life and science. This is evident when he says, pioneer a new way and elongate to the world the deepest mysteries.We can understand why Frankenstein is driven by germinal ambition when he uses the word pioneer which indicates to the reader that he wants to be the leader of this science in the future and wants to make progress beyond ex isting limits. Furthermore, the word deepest does have some connotations of dark and unknown this could be foreshadowing to the reader what is to come. Unlike Frankenstein, Macbeth is completely consumed by his ambition to kill. He has to commit murder to achieve his goals and his ambition is a major actor in what leads him to do so.Macbeth is already in a highly regarded plaza within his kingdom, but once he has had a taste of this new power, his desire for more cannot be stopped. Stars, in the eyes of a Jacobean audience, would suggest something heavenly or Godly. So by saying this it is near blasphemes Macbeth is asking God to turn a blind eye on what he is about to do and asking that his true, evil intentions not be understood by his peers, black and deep desires. Both Macbeth and Frankenstein, to their respective audiences, would have been viewed as people defying the boundaries of life and humanity. Frankenstein, pushing the boundaries of creation and trying to head for t he hills God Macbeth doing acts that are unnatural to human beings.

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